About the East Bay Nets Directors

About the Coaches

The East Bay Nets is a non-profit organization founded by Chalyn Coleman Groux and Lilibeth Castaneto.  Chalyn and Lilibeth are two dedicated mothers who were seeking an empowering and highly competitive basketball program for girls and boys in the Tri City area.  Together they started the East Bay Nets and are providing kids, age 10-18, with a Basketball program that reminds them to always  put education first and teaches them that hard work pays off.


Coach Aaron Morgan

6th Grade Boys, 5th Grade Boys

Coach Aaron played High School basketball for Tennyson in Hayward.  At Tennyson he earned All League twice, and averaged 20   points a game.  Prior to becoming a Coach and trainer he played basketball for two Junior Colleges. He is an excellent ball handler   and shooter, and plans to teach lead his team to victories. He enjoys coaching and training kids and believes that you have to strive   to be better everyday. Looking forward to seeing Coach Aaron in action this season.       

Coach James Harris

8th Grade Boys, 7th Grade Boys - Gold Team

Coach James played Varsity basketball at Saint Mary's high, and attended Humboldt State College. He is a Senior Trainer with         Elite IQ Hoops. He was mentored by two of the best trainers on the West Coast, Triple Threat Academy Dashawn Freeman and     Elite IQ Hoops founder Omar Stewart.  He was previously a Skills Trainer for the Knights Basketball Academy, Vision Academy,   Soldiers and currently coaches a Sequioa Valley NJB team.  Coach James stays in peak physical condition to ensure that he can     do everything that he expects out of his players. He is a tough but fair coach and believes that the proper attitude, respect, and       skill will take you far in life.  We are extremely lucky to have Coach James on the East Bay Nets team.

Coach Marques Smith

Varsity Girls, 6th Grade Girls

​ Coach Marques is from Detroit where he played basketball at Mt. Clements High.  He went on to play for Las Positas College  

where he was the first player ever to  receive first team, All-Coast Conference North Division honors. He is a Senior Trainer with  Elite IQ Hoops and is a much sought after trainer country wide, he has even been tapped to make a training trip to China this year.   Coach Marques stays in peak physical condition to ensure that he can lead by example. He teaches kids how to bring out the best  in themselves skill wise and with self confidence.  He will push his players to exceed their goals and test their own preconceived  limits.  We are incredibly happy to have such a talent on the East Bay Nets team.

Coach Chris Bailey

Varsity Boys, JV Boys

Coach Chris is a dedicated AAU Coach who has had the same group of boys since they were in 7th grade and are now ready for   Varsity.  Coach Chris played basketball in High School and College and he brings his first hand knowledge to the court every         practice and every game.  He also Coaches St. Annes 4th grade Boys team.  Coach Chris has often said he looks forward to the     day when his players can beat him on the court but until that day he will keep pushing them and help to mold them into the best     players they can be.  Looking forward to another season with Coach Chris.